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"For the past six months, my son has attended Magic Days.Maria and Alexandra have been so wonderful.Most important, they take care excellent care of my son. I can tell when I pick him up, that He is Happy and has been well care for.When it's time to leave in the morning, he is excited to get in the car to see everyone at the school.

I have recommended Magic Days to my friends and I am so thankful for having them."

Amy Gerace

"My husband & I have been so pleased and feel so so lucky to have Maria & Alexandra as our child care providers.They was so kind & undersanding in those nitially, we decided upon this day care because it was close to my workplace  in Catro Valley & also when we met Alexandra & Maria, we loved how warm & inviting they were to our littlr boy.They were so kind and understanding in those first few days for me.It was the first time I would be leaving our little boy since he was born & they took their time to talk to me , send me a text and pictures to make me feel better throughout the day. my son LOVES them."

Heather Kurz

"My so attend Magic Days. Both my husband and I work full time as we are a dual career household.Since we are both gone from the home full time and we do not have a family to assist us, We chose Magic Days home day care as the caretakes for our son.

Maria & ALexandra provides an ecellent service for us and We value having a safe and caring enviroment for our child."

Amanda R Sears

 "I want to thank you for a wonderful five years! Having Juan with you, helped him so much. He learned a lot! And have a great time. You were such a very important part of his life. You helped me to raise him in a loving and caring way. He loves you. These years will be unforgettable for him, as for me as well. Thank you for everything you do!"


Carmen Gil

“I'm Claudia, wife, professional and mother of three children.

Alexandra was the teacher of my children , and she was a blessing for my family. We love her .She is wonderful!!. Thanks for be the best teacher and care my children.”

Alexandra. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for our family ! the care you’ve given to Nicole for three years was truly OUTSTANDING! Words truly cannot express our gratitude."

Escabar  Family.

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