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Magic Days is a Home Based School that implements a Child-Centered program, that support the natural development of bilingual (Spanish/English) language skills while preparing children for success in school and their life’s.

Magic Days offers Spanish immersion learning and care environment,  for 5 months old to 5 years old kids;year-round program is bilingual with Spanish as the primary language used in communication throughout the day, with infants, toddlers/preschoolers.

Magic Days is based on accepted theories of child development and early learning inspired by such exemplary early childhood programs as the Children's Schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Our Core Beliefs:

-that children are capable and competent and can be trusted to  participate in creating their own learning. 

-that our classroom and play yard spaces are the '3rd teacher' and should offer rich and varied opportunities to explore, problem solve and create.

-that play is the mechanism by which children learn.

-that children and teachers need opportunities to represent their thoughts, reflections and ideas about what they are learning.

-that learning takes time and children need opportunities to reflect on their work, and to revisit and repeat experiences

as part of the learning process.

-that parents and families are an important part of the learning environment and contribute to the learning process.


Our teachers are bilingual in English and Spanish with a passion for teaching children.Our teachers actively engage the children though intentional teaching practice that guide each child's to social, emotional, physical  and cognitive development.

"Teaching is our passions and the kids are our inspiration"

Maria Napoli 


She have a Bachelors degree in Economics and Accounting.She is a certificate teacher in Early Childhood Education from Las Positas College and Director certificate from California Department of Education.Her passion for teaching starts in her home country Colombia were,  she worked with different non-profit organizations for the well-being  of children.She is a mother of 7 years old boy.She has 4 yeas of experience working with children and  a lot of certificates in parenting classes, positive discipline, and child development from the Community Child Care Council of Alameda County.She wants to provide  better opportunities for children to be a successful and happy humans. 

Alexandra Catano

Head Teacher

She have a Bachelors degree in Psychology, with emphasis in Early Childhood Education, from her home country Colombia.She is a mother of 18 years old boy.

Her passion is to teach children, and for that reason, she has more than 18 yeas of experience  working in the field of  Early Childhood Education. She is always looking for new knowledge .She has a lot of certificates in Early childhood education,and, she was part of music for minors docent training program in California.She is a certificate teacher  an Early Childhood Education  from Chabot College.

Yulissa Moreno


She is a Certificate Teacher in Early Childhood Education from Chabot College with 3 years of experience working with children.She is certified in CPR and Preventative Health required by the State of California for Child Care.She is bilingual in Spanish and English.She is a dynamic, loving and patient teacher who loves to work with children.

Marlene Herrera


She have 4 years of experience working with children and  She is certified in CPR and Preventative Health required by the State of California for Child Care. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.She has a  little  girl, and she loves teaching and being around small children and participating in their development. She is pursuing a Child Development program at Chabot College.

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