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Welcome to our Immersion Spanish, home child care and preschool! We prioritize each child's unique needs, focusing on social-emotional support. Our nurturing environment encourages self-expression, builds self-esteem, and fosters positive relationships. With a personalized approach, we ensure every child feels valued and supported, creating a foundation for holistic development. Your child will not only thrive in a nurturing environment but your child will also be well-prepared for kindergarten, equipped with essential skills developed through engaging and interactive play. Our school features infant and preschool programs with small teacher-to-child ratios. This ensures personalized attention, creating a nurturing environment."



         "10 Years of happy and thriving children"

We prioritize each child's unique needs.

  • Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers. Personalized attention

  • Focusing on social-emotional support

  • Affordable tuition including healthy and nutritious meals.

  • Spanish Immersion Program.

  • A caring environment that fosters creativity and learning.

  • Small ratios.

  • Staffed with certified teachers.

  • Children engagement with on-hands learning towards encouragement to explore and discover.

  • Proud Member of NAEYC and NAFCC 

  • We provide healthy and delicious breakfast, hot lunch & snack with a lot of organic options

  • Licensed by the state of California #0134222864

  • And More...

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